Calgary NEXT.

Gerry Robitaille, president of Assurgo Enterprises, joins Calgary NEXT hosts David Wallach and Tara McCool, to discuss the exciting and forward-looking programs and initiatives in our city.


Assurgo Enterprises welcomes you to our Gold Standard Video Series. We take an in-depth look at the different challenges facing businesses today and provide value-added solutions and best practices to assist organizations in navigating through these complexities.

Oil And Gas: Environment And Energy

The environmental impact of high fossil fuel consumption in parts of the world. Gerry demonstrates the ignorance of the impact of simple lifestyle choices at the individual level as well as government policy. Lack of Proximity should not translate into lack of concern.

Positioning Companies For Sale: Year In The Making

As part of our Gold Standard Series, Gerry Robitaille shares industry insights on how to successfully position your organization for sale in any market. Whether it’s short or long term, Gerry will discuss concepts that can assist to maximize the value of your company.

Timing Of Doing A Transaction: The Importance Of Business Cycles

While optimal timing of an acquisition is desirable, the right capital structure is more important. Gerry shares an example of a mistimed acquisition that results in a far more favourable outcome than ever expected.

Private Equity: Is This For Me?

What is Private Equity (PE) and is it the right solution for you? Here in Part 1 Gerry explores the concepts of ‘areas of interest’ and the key aspects of ‘fit’, ‘strategy’ and ‘expertise’.

Private Equity: Determining Source of Funds

Here we build upon our previous discussion of sectors, size and interest. Gerry touches upon some great examples to help continue building your knowledge around PE and its relevancy to your situation.

Private Equity: Experienced Professionals and Family Offices

Gerry continues the PE series in the area of ‘source of funds’ and explores experienced professionals and family offices this time around.

Who Is Assurgo

What is the Gold Standard? The core focus of Assurgo is mergers & acquisition, financing and turnaround advisory engagements.  Applying a nimble structure comprised of an impressive network we bring a vast array of experience from board level to assisting on strategic acquisitions and previous operating company leadership. Assurgo takes a proven disciplined process driven approach to each file.


The number one question from many owners and advisors is “what is the company worth”.  Gerry goes through approaches and explains the complexity surrounding this topic.

Legal Counsel Advice – Where They Add Value

Legal advice is critical to any transaction.  As is having counsel that is experienced and can competently guide you through transaction processes.  Gerry helps understand how to obtain the best value from your investment in legal.

Legal Counsel Advice – How To Use Advice

Understanding risks in any transaction is important. Gerry looks at two questions: Are there limits to what you should expect from your lawyer? What is their role and how best to use the advice provided?


When business is going well, diversity in solutions, clients and/or geographic markets is often only an afterthought. Gerry shares some experiences of companies illustrating diversification without a clear understanding can be costly too. How does your business’ diversification align with your strategic goals?

Free Trade

Free trade versus protectionism. Is “comfort & safety” of free trade worth it. Gerry elucidates, metaphorically, how a protectionist thinks and argues for protectionism. “Fruit” for thought.