Taking Operations Further So You Can Achieve Greater Business Results.

Our Services Include:

  • Buy side advisory
  • Sell side advisory
  • Sourcing of Capital for Expansion, Equipment, MBOs or to restructure the balance sheet


Supporting acquisitions is one of our key areas of expertise. We create tailored acquisition processes that support our clients in achieving their long-term objectives & visions. And we execute with Assurgo team members who understand the sector and are passionate about exceeding expectations.



Supporting divestitures to maximize value through operational know-how and positioning. The objective of the Assurgo divestiture strategy is to position the business to maximize the marketability and value.


Sourcing of Capital

Supporting teams with corporate finance expertise, Assurgo can assist in properly capitalizing your enterprise to meet the working capital obligations and capital needs to fund strategic initiatives such as Management Buy-outs, purchasing shares from exiting shareholders, equipment additions, greenfield expansion, acquisitions, or simply to restructure the balance sheet.

Why Choose Assurgo

Our Points Of Difference

Simply put, it’s because our experience goes beyond being well-seasoned advisors. We have lived through transactions as owners AND executives. As acquirers AND vendors.

Mergers and acquisitions of privately held companies are complex and entail a number of legal, business, human resources, intellectual property, and financial issues. To successfully navigate a sale or purchase, it’s essential to holistically understand and prepare for a wide variety of issues that could arise.



We have deep sector knowledge AND we understand complex nuances AND emerging trends AND issues.



We have been involved as an advisor AND a purchaser AND a seller for a unique frame of reference to cover ALL angles.


Nimble Deployment

We create bespoke teams by drawing on an extensive network of multi-disciplined specialists AND our team expands AND contracts to suit client needs at each stage.


The Gold Standard

At Assurgo Enterprises, we pride ourselves on delivering a higher standard in everything we do. And that’s what the Assurgo Gold Standard is all about. It’s our commitment to you. To go above and beyond. Always being at the forefront of emerging trends and issues, using our first-hand experience and knowledge to create new opportunities and best practices, delivering strategic solutions to assist in overcoming challenges and further driving efficiencies so you realize even greater value. The Gold Standard is our signature, a symbol of excellence and as Your Partner in Growth, we will never lose sight of that.